Tips for the O-figure type that emphasize your delicate femininity


Take advantage of all opportunities to long to put vertical lines in your midsection. This will make you slimmer and hides your corpulent abdominal region. Wear straight or slightly, but slightly higher waisted tops that fall over pants and skirts and go back at least to the hip. Work with pinstripes, vertical seams or darts, concealed button plackets, vertical patterns or long drooping scarves. Even long, side slit, a pleat, wrap look or appropriate draping on skirts and dresses can produce this effect. Basically, lengthen and slim tone-on -tone outfits the figure

My absolute Immediate Slim – makers, therefore, my ultimate recommendation for O- figure types, however, is the following: Wear flashy blazers coats, jackets or vests openly about an understated outfit. These should be at least hip length, but possibly ranging up to mid-thigh. Also, calf length, or – in evening clothes – even floor-length copies are conceivable. Such parts are to be at your very distinctive, personal ” signature look “. Also very striking patterns and extravagant cuts are possible here. If you wear it open, arises in your midsection a long, narrow vertical zone. This should then make plain and unobtrusive, while you put on feet, wrists and decollete said accents. Try it! You will look stunning!

If you follow these fashion tips, you will soon find your own style. You can put as a woman with O- figure many beautiful, feminine – delicate accents. But also for extravagant highlights and offer these tips for purists enough space to unfold. Basically, all women who want to hide a little tummy can operate from these tips as you like.

Great coats and jackets, vertical lines and shaping underwear have never hurt any woman!