Fashion Memory: Basic outfits for summer


Do you remember the happy memory games in your childhood? I have always played this game with great zeal and delighted me because if the revealed cards fit together so beautifully again. Just the other day, I again have to remember – but pack your bags for the summer vacation.

Why? Because I find that memory and a good holiday wardrobe have a lot in common: they can blind all Basics – pick out and it always result matching pairings – pants, skirts, dresses, tops, jackets, shoes and accessories. With this memory principle you can put together a variety of uncomplicated outfits for your summer vacation. I have the same time started it…

My basics are black and white with accents of purple and red

My holiday wardrobe often includes basics in black and white. For this I mix more than two accent colors – in this case, my favorite colors, purple and red These colors can be worn together also outstanding in the trendy color blocking. If there is to be colorful, I fall back on a patterned tunic or a caftan and grab as feel-good combination part a colorful, long wrap skirt or a silk scarf with a.

I pay attention, that even with colorful patterns my basic colors black, white, red and purple are included. Shoes and jewelry making outfits from simple basics noble

Even though I on vacation rather comfortably like – to let my basics look noble when needed, a white blazer and a pair of sandals or wedges with higher heels are very suitable. My holiday jewelry set only includes fashion jewelry and consists of a few oversized statement pieces that I would not wear it in everyday work. Overall, I choose very simple, classic cuts for my holiday wardrobe and set per outfit only a highlight as the focus.

Basics in classic cuts combined with colorful fashion highlights.